Wednesday 5 June 2019

Wrapping Cloth Project

Well it's been awhile!  I will attempt to fill in what was missed over the last year, but will start with what is happening this month with the Hudson Fine Craft Group.  As part of the Arts Alive festivities and in collaboration with Galerie Plus (Hudson, Quebec) we have explored the origins and use of
upcycled/recycled, embellished and adorned "wrapping cloths".  I'll start with this image of the progression of one of them and over the month will be back with more info and images.

We initiated a "round robin" of eight members.  Step one was to provide a starter cloth, plain or patterned and send off to the next person who would then begin to embellish which either meant adding embroidery, beading, appliqué or stitching of some kind and/or possibly expanding by adding borders.  The next person continued on from there until finally they returned after the rotation of 8 and the transformation was amazing!  No matter what the skill set was, they transformed into works of art.  The purpose was to create a re-usable fabric to wrap a gift.  The decision to receive it back or become part of the gift is up to the individuals.  There is also the gift to Mother Earth to lessen the
trash of dye and glitter heavy papers.  A win/win!

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Hudson Fine Craft at Spring Fling and Arts Alive Festival

Some photos from 2018's Spring Fling sponsored by ELAN (English Language Arts Network) that took place the first week of June....
The Hudson Food Collective had a Dandelion themed festival and was the inspiration for the
dandelion collage works by Joanna Olson.

The second and third photos are from an exhibition that took place at Gallerie Plus, one of the new art gallery's in town with works by Carol Outram, Kathryn Lamb, Phyllis Spriggs, Sharon Gallagher,
Anne Letellier, Diane Cloutier, Mary Vuorela and Joanna Olson.

Thursday 23 November 2017

Christmas Market at Gallerie Plus

This past weekend we held our annual Christmas Market at the new gallery in town, "Gallerie Plus".
It was wonderfully attended and the vernissage featured locally made artisanal bread and bubbly provided by Bert and Heather Markgraf, our gracious hosts.
Here are some photos from our weekend market....

Workshop in Eco Dye

This past summer we had an eco dye workshop at the home of Phyllis Spriggs who has a wonderful dye garden.  This is something many of our members were eager to try.  (Notice I didn't go for the obvious "dyeing" to try - lol)
In the first photo, Phyllis embellished the resulting print with embroidery. The second image is
my first attempt and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and will be thinking of planning what flowers to plant next Spring to be able to continue.
The last photo was taken at our Christmas market and shows the range of beautiful colors and prints
on the silk scarves that Phyllis had for sale.
This works beautifully on watercolour paper as well as silk fabric.

Friday 28 July 2017

Hudson Clothesline Gallery

We had a chance to show off our newest project at the Tea Party recently held at the Hudson Historical Society Museum.  This project will be an ongoing collection of mini quilts averaging 10" x 10" inspired by our town of Hudson.  India Robbins (second from right in second photo) hosted this successful gathering.  Here are just a few photos....more to follow.

Sunday 23 July 2017

Hudson Fine Craft, Arts Alive, ELAN and the White Bandanna Project

This year ELAN is again sponsoring an Arts Alive festival and in conjunction with Hudson Fine Craft, we planned a "slow stitching" demo/workshop this past weekend.  Attendees were spotted wearing their stitched bracelet cuffs at the Artisan even across the street.

Next up will be our spot at the Hudson Street Fair August 5th, an event that gets bigger and better every year!

Catching Up (Again)

 This is a case of being so far behind, I'm ahead of the game!  Photos form 2016's Scarecrow workshop held at the Hudson History Society Museum grounds.  This posting is actually good timing after all as we are planning this year's workshop to be held in September.